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Choose from a list of animations that compliment your house

Around Animation

Cycle through any series of RGBW colors in any direction you want.

Chase Animation

Choose to have your favorite colors chase each other in a direction of your choosing.

Fade Animation

Fade in and out like a heart beat!

Fireworks Animation

Celebrate your special occasions with a spectacular fireworks show!

Flicker Animation

Make your lights extra spooky with quick random flickering electricity look!

Flow Animation

A repeating sequence of colors that push through all your lights and repeats over and over!

Ghost Animation

Create the ghost look with a solid background. Watch the ghost fly around!

Glitch Animation

Perfect for halloween! Make your lights look like they’re glitching

Gradient Animation

A new favorite- blends nicely with a gradient that is never ending!

Marquee Animation

Marquee pushes your favorite colors through as though it’s time to party!

Motionless Animation

A classic pattern that just shines without any animation.

Multi Pulse Animation

A fun heart-beat style that repeats patterns in doubles.

Pacman Animation

Build on top of each color and watch it grow!

Pulse Animation

A simple pattern that breathes in and out with your favorite colors.

Spotlight Animation

Have your lights spot light a randomly spotlight sections with any Colors you want.

Stack Animation

Just like the game Tetris! Stacking sections of colors together to fill your house with color!

Starry Animation

Randomly have your lights shine all the colors you want. Great for Halloween time!

Stretch Animation

Groups of colors sliding through your houses like a smooth criminal!

Sway Animation

Wave Animation

It’s like waves with colors!

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