The TruNorth Slide & Go Fence was designed to combine the strength and endurance of aluminum with the durability and low-maintenance of composite.

We combine 3″ square aluminum fence posts and two custom-designed left and right aluminum “U” channels with our TruNorth Enviroboard, then slide these easily down the channels attached to the posts. The finished result is a residential yard fence that has virtually no maintenance, and a framework will that not warp, crack, lean, nor rot.

  • 14 Enviroboards stacked together are required to create a 6′ tall fence panel
  • The Slide & Go Fence is recommended to be built in 6′ wide panels
  • The boards are available in 12′ lengths and, as such, can be cut in half to the exact length required after the posts are set
  • Self-tapping and board screws are included with the Post & U-Channel sets.
  • Optional gate kit is available

TruNorth Slide & Go Fence comes in the same twelve beautiful shades as our TruNorth decking lines.

The TruNorth Slide & Go Fence is specifically designed for homeowners who want a warm and private low-maintenance fence, with the stability and endurance of an aluminum fence, that is also easy to install.

These fence posts and components are made in North America!

Solid Colours

Variegated Colours

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