An image of a house at sunset after a Porch Renovation project was completed by Aurora Exteriors Inc to update the upper balcony with aluminum hand railings in commercial brown, and espresso wood grain column wraps were added to hide the unsightly rusting structural supports that were previously exposed.

Front Porch Renovation

After spending 42 years meticulously maintaining and caring for their humble rancher, our clients came to us seeking a front porch renovation and we gave them a stunning, low maintenance, durable solution they will love for years to come. 

The client had two major areas of concern. The first was the wooden balcony railings which were weathering despite regularly staining. The second, rusting structural supports that weren’t a safety concern but also weren’t providing any additional curb appeal to the front porch design.

An image of a residential home showing the front porch before it had been renovated by Aurora Exteriors Inc.

Our solution was to replace the wooden balcony railings over their front porch with a sleek, powder-coated aluminum railing. Our clients were happy to discover that the railings were available in a commercial brown that closely matched the colour of the original wood railings. 

As our renovation day continued, we faced the challenge of wrapping the porch structural columns with our PVC post wraps. Our team used reclaimed wood from the balcony railings to create a build out, so the column wrap caps would align with the edge of the porch fascia.

Once complete, the team wrapped the columns, added matching PVC fascia boards and updated the soffit on the underside of the porch over hang to complete the porch renovation project. 

Check out the final product below!

Project materials used:

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