Decorative Exterior Trims, Columns and Gables

At Aurora Exteriors Inc. we know that the beauty is in the details of any home renovation project, and adding the right finishing touches can take your homes exterior to the next level. We offer a collection of designer PVC column wraps, exterior trims, column wraps, brackets, gables and shutters to add a touch of grandeur or modern simplicity, completing your homes design seamlessly.

What's In Store at Aurora?

Standard PVC Column Wraps

We supply a collection of designer column wraps to  homeowners, homebuilders and contractors in the Chatham-Kent area in our showroom. Column wraps are non-load bearing, and are meant to add a maintenance free decorative and protective barrier around structural supports of porches and roof overhangs. Our standard collection includes versatile designs that can be paired with your choice of cap and base options.

Standard Column Wrap Styles

Cap and Base Options

Woodgrain Embossed Column Wraps

If you love the natural look and feel of wood columns, but you are not in love with the maintenance and upkeep, our faux wood grain PVC column wraps are the perfect solution for your home. These columns are available in a simple, square panel design, embossed in a wood grain texture made from the same PVC as our standard columns. All you have to do, is choose a colour to match your home!

Custom PVC Column Wraps

If you are looking to replace a worn, weathered, or rotting existing column, but wish to maintain the same style, we can do that too! A mold can be made using piece of the column you’re looking to have matched or replaced allowing us to mimic the columns style in a durable PVC.

PVC Gable Accent Pieces

Gable accents, also called Pediments, provide instant curb appeal to your home. The gable decorations we supply are made of high quality 1/2″ to 3/4″ PVC material, making them a durable, weather resistant and lightweight option for your homes exterior.  Coming in a selection of designs, available in either a paintable white, or an embossed wood grain texture and stained to your preferred colour, pediments can be custom made to any size that suits your needs.

Decorative Brackets

Ideal for both restoration or new construction projects, Aurora Exteriors Supplies homeowners, homebuilders and contractors in the Chatham-Kent area with decorative brackets to add that perfect accent to building exteriors. If you have an original Victorian style wooden bracket your want to replace, we can help you recreate that decorative design in a durable PVC. All brackets arrive in white and can be painted to match your homes aesthetic. 

Decorative PVC Trims for Home Exteriors

Decorative Exterior Trims & Moldings

Complete the overall aesthetic of your exterior with finishes touches of exterior trims and moldings – also available in PVC as a maintenance-free alternative to traditional wood. 

All trim is priced per square foot, comes in white, ready for paint or installation.

Trim and Molding Styles

Panel Shutters

Elegant and low maintenance, we also supply shutters crafted from cellular PVC. Fully customizable, we match your design and size requirements.

Why PVC?

Our Team is always seeking out the most valuable, innovative exterior finishing materials for our clients. We’ve chosen to supply decorative finishes made from PVC for this reason. PVC might sound like a cheap material, and it is typically a less expensive option than traditional wood, but it is more durable, weather resistant and it’s overall lifespan makes it a highly valuable option for your homes exterior. 

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