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All of our energy star windows qualify for the HER+ rebates program & we offer financing to reduce the upfront costs.

What is the difference between Tilt and Turn Windows and Sash Windows?

The major difference between tilt and turn windows and sash windows is the dual functionality that tilt and turn windows offer. Sash windows are either fixed in one position or slide up and down for ventilation. Tilt and turn windows will either swing inwards or tilt at the top to open. 

Tilt and turn windows have been the standard choice for windows in European countries for decades, but have recently gained popularity in North America. The turn function of the windows allow for easy cleaning, while the tilt function allows for efficient indirect ventilation. It’s single handle has three positions; downward is locked, horizontal to swing the sash in, or positioned upward to tilt the top of the window in. 

What's In-Store at Aurora?

Euro Vinyl Tilt & Turn Windows®

We’ve chosen to partner with Euro Vinyl Windows to supply you with finished products that are considered to be of the highest quality and performance in the industry. Since 1986, EVW has been fabricating vinyl window and door systems in Ontario. The company has built a solid reputation linked directly to the high quality components utilized and the industry-leading  engineering involved in the manufacturing of it’s windows and doors.

Features You'll Love:

Sound Dampening

Boasting an extra wall of thickness, steel reinforcement and multiple interior chambers, outdoor noises won't disrupt you any longer.

Maintenance-Free Vinyl

Made with corrosion, peeling, fade, rot and blister resistant vinyl that will only require simple wipe down with mild soap when dirty.

High Security Locking

Achieve peace of mind with multiple locking points to ensure full protection.

Energy Savings

Euro + glass is built in & for the Canadian Climate, ensuring even the most stringent building codes are met or exceeded, and you can enjoy the energy savings of fully insulated glass, triple glazed with LoE coatings.

Steel Reinforced

All Euro Vinyl Windows are steel reinforced to improve sash strength by more than 300%, ensuring perpetual weather tightness, smooth operation, and maintaining strength for a lifetime.

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