Awning Windows

Vinyl Awning
Upgrade and Save Up To

$10,600 in Rebates!

All of our energy star windows qualify for HER+ rebates program & we offer financing to reduce the upfront cost.

How Do Awning Windows Work?

Awning windows are hinged at the top, and swing open with the turn of a handle, because of the top-hinged design, awning windows can still be opened in the rain.

Awnings are extremely energy efficient and are the most efficient in preventing air infiltration as they close inward and form a tight seal with compression weather stripping.

Awning Windows

Most Efficient

Closes inward to form a tight fitting seal.

Ease to Use

Outfitted with a simple hideaway crank for ease of opening.

Versatility of Use

Can be left open in the rain without worrying about water entering your home.
The Product's Contractor Trust- For your DIY Projects

What's In-Store at Aurora?

Orion Windows®

Manufactured in Canada by KP Building products, Orion Windows has built an unbeatable reputation for providing superior quality windows and doors. 

Features We Love
Varied choice of structural frames to meet any construction design
Triple weather seals.
Intercept ULTRA Warm-Edge Spacer System for a less conductive, longer lasting, and more energy efficient window
Fully welded sash and frame
Truth™ Encore folding handle that won’t interfere with your window covering and requires 33% less effort to operate
Single point lock
Easy to operate Prestige full screen; offers the strongest and most durable screen on the market

ECTech Naturally Clean Glass

This innovative surface 1 coating (exterior of the house) absorbs the sun’s UV light to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away easily. The benefits are a surface that requires minimal maintenance, allows more natural light into the home and maintains an extra smooth glass surface.

Ēvolv Glass Technology

An industry-leading coating that is applied to the 4th glass surface (interior of the house) designed to redirect escaping heat back into the home. As a result, you receive triple pane performance with double pane glass. A 29% increase in energy efficiency, improved light transmittance and a windows that meet the Energy Star standards.

Owens Corning Air Sealing Technology

This state of the art and proprietary air sealing technology is designed to provide superior insulation performance for increased draft protection, industry leading sound resistance, as well as dirt, water and bug control in a 100% mold resistant seal.

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