Elevate the look of your project with aluminum siding, used to highlight architectural focal points or side the entire building for the updated modern look. Aluminum cladding is quickly gaining momentum as it comes in a variety of colours and finishes and has a long list of benefits.

Our Aluminum Siding and Trims have been established as the standard within the industry for a long time, as our track record grows, with more than four decades providing sturdiness, performance, and beauty. We ensure our siding is coated with the lowest abrasive characteristic in the industry. Available in a textured or smooth finish, our Aluminum Siding is completed with a range of colour coordinated trims and available accessories.


  • Lightweight materials that lead to a faster install, saving on labour costs.
  • Low maintenance surface that never requires cleaning solutions. Soap and water take care of it all.
  • Easy and secure installation with no need for respirators or specialized tools. See installation instructions here.
  • Premium fire rating, CAN/ULC-S102 meets CAN/ULC-S114-05, ideal for close proximity builds and commercial projects.
  • Aluminum provides a durable surface that never rots and remains insect proof.
  • More sustainable, aluminum is a recyclable material (check with your local recycling facilities)
  • In-depth warranty for peace of mind. Discover more here.
  • Choose a textured or smooth finish for your Aluminum Siding
  • Improve the curb appeal of your come with our complete range of colour-coordinated trims and accessories.
  • Our siding provides the wides range of Trim Coils, crafted with the same proprietary technology for the best quality and selection.

Available Colours

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