Insulated & Foam Backed Siding

Four Benefits of Insulated Vinyl Siding:

✔  Temperature Control: Adding insulated siding to your home’s exterior wall will allow you to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the entire home, so you can enjoy every part of your home, all year long.

✔ Energy Efficiency: You’ll be able to lower your energy/ utility bills through the winter months. After all, if you don’t have adequate insulation, you’re paying to heat the outdoors!

✔ Noise Reduction: If your family is always being disrupted by the noise levels in your neighborhood, insulated siding will make a significant improvement in the way you enjoy your home versus traditional vinyl siding. In fact, insulated siding can decrease noise levels by up to 45%!

✔ Protection From the Elements: Insulated siding is designed to shed water and increases your walls drying capacity, preventing the growth of mold. It will keep you warm on those cold winter nights when the northerly winds gust.


The rustic look and distinctive warmth of log siding with added durability and resistance.

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Ocean Park XLTM Ultra

The thickest panel on the market is joined with precisely contoured insulation.

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Richmond UltraTM

Strength and ultra impact resistance with added comfort of an insulated wall system.

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