Gemstone Lighting

Smart Exterior LED Lighting

✓ Never Hang String Lights Again!

✓ Fast, Simple Installation, Typically Requires Less Than a Day

✓ Lighting for Holidays, Birthdays and even Sporting Events in Seconds

✓ Rated for 50,000 hrs of Runtime

✓ Controlled Wirelessly from Your Smart Device (iOS or Android)

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Explore The Benefits Of Gemstone Lighting

Seasonal & Holiday Lighting

Say goodbye to the hassle of untangling and hanging Holiday string lights. Our limitless options for colours and patterns allow you to celebrate any holiday or season, from Halloween to Diwali, Valentine’s Day and Beyond. With our permanent holiday lights you can have your home looking festive at the touch of a button. 

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Year-Round Architectural Lighting

Replace your pot or can lights with Gemstones permanent track lighting for more versatility and control. Choose from endless possibilities ranging from a true warm white to bright white to highlight the unique features of your homes facade. 

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Take Complete Control With The Gemstone Lighting Hub App

Screenshot image showing the colour selector tool in the Gemstone Lights Hub application.

Static Colour Wheel

Choose your favourite colour and save it as a pre-set. Fine-tune the colour with a preview.

Download Animations

Choose from a variety of downloads available for holidays, sports teams, and special events.

Gemstone Lights®️ Hub App

Set Zones

Set architectural zones to highlight your homes finest features, or for security lighting.

Timers & Sequences

Assign specific colours, patterns or animations to a custom schedule of your choice!

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Our Gemstone Lighting Installation Process

We’re proud to say that most installations can be completed in as little as one day without sacrificing quality or craftsmanship. As illustrated, the track is fastened permanently to the soffit by sliding one side of the track under the L-trim of the fascia and inserting a color-matched screw into the other side. The end result is a radiant lighting solution that’s nearly invisible by day and impossible to miss at night!

Why Choose Aurora Exteriors Inc?

team work


We choose to hire a dedicated team of contractors, rather than subcontract our work. This has allowed us to build a team with diverse backgrounds that together excel in a variety of project mediums.



Our team is fully licensed and insured. We acquire all necessary permits on your behalf. We start every project in clean company attire, with work trucks and trailers that are fully stocked with all the tools and materials to complete your project on time, minimizing disruption to your daily routines.

tailored solutions

Tailored Solutions

We recognize that every client has different needs, and strive to provide you with tailored solutions within your budget that exceed your expectations.

Providing Gemstone Lighting Installations Near You

Aurora Exteriors Inc provides quality permanent lighting installations all over South Western Ontario. We are based in Chatham-Kent, and service the surrounding area from Windsor-Essex, to Sarnia-Lambton. Check out our glowing reviews on our Gemstone Lighting Profile.

Gemstone Lighting FAQ's

Yes, All Gemstone Lights devices are fully controllable from your Google Home or Amazon Alexa.
There is no monthly cost associated with the Gemstone Lights HUB app. We understand the value in delivering a long-lasting, low-maintenance system that will cost you little to nothing after your initial investment.
The is no limit to how many users can use the Gemstone Lights Hub App to access your Gemstone Lights Products. You are able to share access with anyone you choose!
Yes, utilizing the power of the cloud, you can have full control of your gemstone lights products wherever you are - be it on the other side of the world or simply a few minutes from home. As long as you have internet access, you will be able to control your gemstone lights system.
The cost of Gemstone Lights Track Lighting is determined by two factors; the number of linear feet needed and the local market rate for installation.

To get an exact quote, visit our showroom or call us and we will provide you with a personalized price based on your specific needs and current rates
Yes, the gemstone lights track system is 100% waterproof, rated IP67, ensuring your system will have no issues when it comes to water.
Yes, all cables and lights in the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system are UV rated, allowing the system to work as efficiently as the day you bought it, throughout the lifetime of the lights.
Yes, each component of the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system is protected using surge protectors. This will protect your investment in the event of a power surge in your area.
The Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system uses the most cutting-edge LED technology available, allowing for a life expectancy of 50,000 hours. With average usage being 6 hours a day, the system is rated to last around 23 years!
In the unlikely event a light goes out in the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system a replacement is quick and simple and covered under our 5-year product warranty!
The average size home (with 117 linear feet of roofline) will require 150 Gemstone Lights. At maximum capacity, the Gemstone Lights Track Lighting LED lights pull 1 watt/bulb. Therefore, if you were to run the track lighting system for an average of 6 hours per day, it would cost: $4.34 per month, or $52.80 per year.
Yes. The Gemstone Lights Track Lighting system was built with extreme weather conditions in mind. Being a Canadian owned company we understand harsh weather climates and as such, built our system to work in the extreme rain, snow, and sun.
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