Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Your most expensive investment deserves more than generic windows and doors. Treat your home to premium sliding glass patio doors from Aurora Exteriors Inc.

Our signature sliding doors feature:

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3-Point Locking System

The fully integrated 3-Point locking system of our sliding glass patio doors are built to meet the forced entry requirements, and exceed 3000lbs of pulling force to provide you with peace of mind against intruders. The 46″ long stainless steel locking system houses 3 individual locking points with adjustable keepers leaving you with a safe, secure patio door for your home.

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Configurations to Meet Your Needs

If you’re looking for a replacement sliding glass door or if you are having renovations done to include a sliding glass door, we have multiple configurations to suit your needs. 

2-Panel Sliding Glass Doors:

Consisting of two large glass panels; one panel that remains stationary, and the other slides open. This style is ideal for smaller spaces or those desiring a simple, clean look.

3-Panel Sliding Glass Doors:

Consisting of two panels that stay fixed, and one that slides open, the operable panel is your custom choice. Suitable for wider spaces, providing a larger opening compared to the 2-panel design.

4-Panel Sliding Glass Doors:

Consisting of two inner panels slide, flanked by two fixed outer panels. This style is perfect for broad spaces, maximizing access and a panoramic view design.


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Sliding Door Hardware

The handle and pull options for our sliding glass patio doors are designed with ergonomics in mind, offering a comfortable grip for easy opening and closing. With an emphasis on durability, functionality, and aesthetics, the hardware for sliding glass doors is an integral aspect of their design, contributing to a seamless and stylish entry or exit experience while ensuring long-lasting performance.

An Image of the executive hardware for sliding glass doors at Aurora Exteriors Inc with colour options
Executive Handles

Black, White, Brushed Nickle, Dark Bronze

Standard Handle Options
Rettan Handles

White, Dark Bronze, Brushed Nickle, Black

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Colour Options

Windows can be painted on the Exterior, Interior or both sides. Split colours are also available (different in and out). While most window companies paint the stock lengths of PVC extrusions and then fabricate the windows. Our supplier does all the fabrication and paints the window Frame and Sash after, producing a finished product with no unpainted sections and corners that don’t have to be retouched. Explore standard, in-stock colour options below, and if you’re looking for a colour match or other variation of colour we’re happy to create a special order for you.

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