Bay and Bow Windows

Vinyl Bay & Bow
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All of our energy star windows qualify for HER+ rebates program & we offering financing to reduce the upfront cost.

What are Bay or Bow Windows?

Bay and bow windows are a combination of fixed and operable windows that create a curve extending out from the home. Both have the same basic idea, however, bay windows more often consist of three windows combined to form a more angled design. Bow windows typically feature four or more windows joined to form a smoother curve.

Bow Windows
Bay Windows

More Interior Space

Because the windows extend beyond the exterior wall, it provides the illusion of a larger space.

Additional Natural Light

Typically much larger than other types of windows, providing additional natural light.

Traditional Style

Timeless, traditional designs, can be outfitted with creative grills to add interest.
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What's In-Store at Aurora?

Orion Windows®

Manufactured in Canada by KP Building products, Orion Windows has built an unbeatable reputation for providing superior quality windows and doors.

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